Episode 31 – Go Go Gritty Reboot!

Go, go last king podcast! It’s the height of “Power Rangers” fervour, the boys look back and speculate on the legacy, and address the tonal shift from its source material. And before our review of the flick, we play a special round of “Pornstar or Power Ranger”. Also quick first impressions on both the recently released “Mass Effect: Andromeda” and also our thoughts on the “Iron Fist” Show on Netflix.

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Episode 7 – Epic Giant Lizard Battle

Get ready for an epic giant lizard battle It’s a mega monster mash as we discuss not one, but two giant lizard features. First up we have the remake of Disney classic “Pete’s Dragon”. Then in our main segment, we have Japan’s answer to the American attempt to reboot the King of All Monsters with “Shin Godzilla”. Listen now for an all-out monster mash!Read More