Episode 098 – No Vault of Mine

No vault of mine, well maybe Bethesda’s. It’s the all Fallout episode where we review the recent “Fallout76” and take a look back at the series as a whole. From Isometric beginnings to first-person failures, it’s a trip through the wasteland. So strap on your power armour and leave your morality in the ’50s, it’s our most post-apocalyptic episode yet.Read More

Episode 41 – Getting High On E3

It’s an extra special E3 extravaganza episode, finally an entire episode dedicated to the greatest hobby of all time. Videogames baby! We go through all the press coverage and give our thoughts on all the announcements and release dates.

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Episode 32 – Ghost in the Shitstorm

It’s been a rough week for the trio, As promised Shafique finally reviews Mass Effect Andromeda and Eccentric Tom spits some vitriol on the misguided live action remake of Ghost in The Shell. On the bright side Mr Toffee shares his initial impressions on Persona 5 and lists out his top 5 anime that should never be remade. #leavejapanalone

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Episode 17 – Mechs and Magic: Doctor Strange review

Doctor Strange finally arrives, extending the roster for the cinematic universe, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular hero. Rounding up the cast is Mads Mikkelsen as prime antagonist Kaecilius and Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. We take a look at the film and see where it stands within the rest of the MCU. Also, two video game reviews as we play the mech-powered shooter Titanfall 2 and the open-world racer Forza Horizon 3.

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Episode 3 (Side A) – Busting Makes Me Feel Good

Busting makes me feel good. An episode so big we had to split this into two parts and as usual,


In Side A, we finish from our last episode with our finalised review for The Killing Joke. Then we go off on our thoughts about the new Paul Feig helmed Ghostbusters flick. And also ramble at length about the legacy of the franchise spanning the first two films, animated shows and the video games.Read More