Swimming With Men (2018) – Film Review

“Swimming with Men” stars Rob Brydon as accountant Eric Scott anguishing through a mid-life crisis. He fends off his daily misery by regularly escaping to swim at a public pool. There he meets the “Swim Club”, a group of middle-aged male synchronised swimmers. They coerce him into joining, which reinvigorates Eric to find happiness and meaning again. Directed by Oliver Parker, will it make a splash at the box-office or end up face down in the shallow end?Read More

Submergence – 2018 Film Review

“Submergence” is the latest film from prolific German filmmaker Wim Wenders.  A tale of two lovers separated by fate, one held prisoner by jihadist fighters, and the other embarking on a journey to the depths of the Greenland Sea. Within their solitary confines they recall their chance encounter on the beaches of France, and the romance that ensues. Read More