Episode 90 – 2 Year Anniversary Special

It’s our 2 Year Anniversary! Welcome to the episode where we talk about literally whatever we want! The usual hijinks ensue as EccentricTom bangs on about the World Cup and his support for both England and Belgium. Mr Toffee harps on about the steam sale and the one game he bought and liked. And in an unusually personal section where Shafique takes the opportunity to break character and talk about the recent passing of his father. And coming to terms with his mortality.

2 Year Anniversary.

Before we begin, we would love to give sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone that helped us make it this far. Especially to all the supporters and subscribers tuning in each week. Your support means a lot to us, and if it weren’t for all you Last King fans out there, none of this would be possible. And keeping the tradition of the anniversary episode, this week’s topics are a little different from the usual fare of TV, films and video games.

World Cup Fever Dreams

In Eccentric Tom’s segment, we discuss the recent World Cup. He speaks on his dual support for both England and Belgium and critiques their performance overall. It’s a particularly off-brand opportunity where we sidestep from the usual pop culture fare and have a conversation about sports. From the underdog dream that was Iceland’s campaign for the trophy. To the climactic final where France faced off against Croatia, it’s an all football dialogue about the most beautiful game.

Fisting of Fury

In Mr Toffee’s segment, he brings up this year’s steam sale and in particular one game he bought and especially enjoyed. It’s a mini-review of “Way of the Passive Fist” a traditional beat-em-up with 16-bit sprite animations. The mechanic requires you to successfully parry your way through waves of enemy mobs and boss fights.

Way of the Passive Fist – Reveal Trailer | PS4

Goodbye, Dad.

And in our final segment, Shafique talks about the recent passing of his father and coming to grips with his loss. It’s a tribute to someone who shaped his love for music and movies.

Intro Theme: “Second Strike” by Potato-Tan


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