Episode 78 – Avengers Infinity War

“Avengers Infinity War” is finally upon us, smashing box-office records and audience expectations in cinemas worldwide. The culmination of a decade-spanning 20 films, we ask where the series will go. And also what to expect coming up in the future. In a special episode all Avengers episode we discuss the film in two parts, one without spoilers and one with all the spoilers, you have been warned! So listen in and join our discussion in what one of us thinks is the best comic book movie of all time! 

Avengers Assemble

Not only do we live in an age where an Avengers movie exists but also in one where we’ve got an adaptation of the Infinity War saga. Josh Brolin finally enters the fray as the mad titan Thanos, providing a villain like no other in the entire MCU. With hints of universal destruction that reshapes the entire franchise, leaving fans speculating the outcomes. And the promise that many of your favourite characters might not see it to the end, could this be the payoff we’ve all been waiting for.


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The Road to Infinity War

Check out our other spin-off series where we count down all the MCU films since the Iron Man back in 2008, You can listen to all four episodes as one easy playlist here on our SoundCloud page.

he Avengers Trailer

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer


Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War – Official Trailer

Intro Music Avengers Theme – Metal Cover – By Shinray

Check them out on their SoundCloud page at soundcloud.com/shinrayofficial

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