Episode 7 – Epic Giant Lizard Battle

Get ready for an epic giant lizard battle It’s a mega monster mash as we discuss not one, but two giant lizard features. First up we have the remake of Disney classic “Pete’s Dragon”. Then in our main segment we have Japan’s answer to the American attempt to reboot the King of All Monsters with “Shin Godzilla”. Listen now for an all out monster mash!

In the opening ramble we talk about recent Xbox and PlayStation announcements and “Super Mario Bros.” jumping out of the Nintendo ecosystem and landing onto mobile platforms.

Dragon: The Pete Healy Story

Announced back in 2013, the remake of the 1977 classic was marketed as not only a visual update. But a careful retelling of a classic. No longer present are the musical segments, now replaced with serious themes of loss and death.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford star as the adult leads to Oakes Fegley playing the titular Pete. A boy who befriends a dragon after surviving an auto accident that claims his parents lives. Many fans of the classic film are worried that this would lose some of the charm of the original. But does it manage to modernize a beloved classic? Or is this part of the corporate nostalgia cash grab that’s infeecting movie releases now?

Pete’s Dragon – Official US Trailer

Epic Giant Lizard Battle

And his opponent, weighing a planet crushing 92,000 metric tons, from Tokyoi Japan, “Shin Godzilla”. From the creative team behind anime classic “Evangelion”, comes the Japanese response to  Gareth Edwards Western attempt at a remake. In his 31st appearance for Toho studio, Gojira returns to cinemas. This also marks the third reboot of the classic kaiju icon.

With the American “Godzilla” leaving audiences underwhelmed and many die-hard fans craving for more. Will this film finally deliver the goods? Or is this the last time we see the King of Monsters rampage on screens ever?

Shin Gojira. Trailer 2

Intermission 1: “Godzilla” – Blue Oyster Cult
Closing Theme: “Gojira(1954): Main Title” – Akira Ifukube

Intro Theme: “Second Strike” by Potato-Tan

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