Episode 46 – We are One

We are one! And to celebrate our one year anniversary! In this special ramble fest, we go old school and return to our drunken roots. We go on about literally anything that pops into our heads, from videogame music to “Legos” even to the life and death of “Kurt Cobain”.

We are One!

Welcome everyone to the anniversary edition! Please enjoy a very personal episode, where we take the opportunity to attempt topics we seldom have the chance to. Also thanks to all our fans and subscribers for making this an amazing first year, whether you are subscribed on iTunes, Soundcloud or just following us on Twitter. We wouldn’t be here without your continuous support and attention! Much love for staying tuned in to us this long, you know who you are.

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Mr Toffee Segment

First of all Mr Toffee begins with his love for videogame music, more accurately rockman (a.k.a megaman) music. Paying tribute to the classic and very memorable chiptune tracks of the early series. He goes off on why some of the best music in existence, might just be hidden away in the videogames cartridges of the past.

Eccentric Tom Segment

Next up Tom goes brick crazy and rambles about his childhood toy of choice, Lego. Quite literally the building blocks of imagination for any generation. And  no matter how old or young you are, you definitely have a special place in your heart, or at the base of your foot for the legendary brick company.

Dr Shafique Segment

And speaking of a blast from the past, Shafique speaks about the influential music of Nirvana, and their unexpected demise. From Kurdt Cobain’s surreal lyrical prose, arriving as the voice of a generation to the disenfranchised youth facing adulthood. To the second coming of punk rock, inspiring rebellion, rebuttal of authority and rejecting the status quo.

In conclusion, we would like to thank everyone again for an amazing first year and hopefully bigger and better things ahead.

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