Episode 105 – Favourite Anime of 2018

Anime in 2018 has given us a stellar selection of stories, and choosing our top-picks was quite the task. Hence, this episode we dive deep and reveal our absolute favourite anime of the year. With shows from the apocalyptic Attack on Titan to the nostalgic High Score Girl. It’s another all anime discussion and more so listen now!

Titan anime in 2018

First, we review the first half of the third season of Attack on Titan. We have spoken at length about the second season and mentioned our disappointments. Especially when compared to the impressive first season which took the world by storm. And while the second half of the season will arrive later in 2019, we ask if these episodes can win back fans? Or will it continue to delay the inevitable?

Then, we discuss A Place Further than the Universe, a coming of age story about four teenage girls trip to Antarctica. The series has been garnering critical acclaim and even made the New York Times list of best international shows of the year. At any rate, we here are huge fans of the show and insist you check it out.

A universe away

Then we look at Violet Evergarden, based on the award-winning light novel of the same name. The story follows Violet, an ex-soldier reintegrating back into society after the war. She finds work as an Auto Memory Doll employed by Dr Orland to assist his blind wife in writing her novels. Above all, Violet Evergarden promises an emotional ride for all. Get the ready for a punch in the feels as we follow Violet’s journey to find meaning again.

Violet ever after

And finally, we review High Score Girl a romantic comedy set during the Japanese arcade scene in the early 90s. Specifically, around underachiever Haruo and his passion for video games. His world is turned upside down when he meets Akira, a mysterious girl with superior gaming skills. Consequently, Haruo is invigorated by the challenge, he makes her a rival. But the rivalry develops into something else entirely, when he discovers that Akira has to leave for America.

Lame turtle style

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