Episode 102 – Aquaspider-man

What a year for superhero movies, with fantastic films like Marvels’ Infinity War. Contrarily, there were not so great ones such as the Tom Hardy vehicle Venom. With that said, we still have two more to review before closing out the year. First up we discuss Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse an animated feature from Sony Animation. And from deep beneath the ocean waves, Jason Momoa as the titular Aquaman.

Friendly neighbourhood Spider, men?

Though Spider-man has managed to swing free from contractual obligations to appear in the MCU. The license to the character and his attached universe are still firmly within the grips of Sony. After the squandered usage of the license with the Venom movie. All hope for a Sony produced Spider-man movie franchise seemed unlikely ever to take off

At least that’s what we all thought, until Into the Spider-Verse, an animated feature that has restored our faith in Sony. The film frees itself from the formulaic narratives of previous Spider-man movies entirely. Instead, it effortlessly includes all the possible iterations into a colourful, fun and very cohesive film. We have high hopes for Sony to expand the animated feature into a full series, so listen in to hear our thoughts.

Aquaman has a solo movie?

Finally, rounding up the podcast, we analyse the fresh in theatres, Aquaman. Jason Momoa of Game of Thrones fame stars as Arthur Curry better know as the Aquaman. Joining him in the cast is Amber Heard as the headstrong Mera and Willem Dafoe as his mentor Vulko. Patrick Wilson stars as main antagonist Ocean-Master, Aquaman’s half-brother. Whose claim to the throne of Atlantis is under threat by the very presence of Aquaman.

We can’t ignore the baggage of the other DC films that preceded this one. And we here at the Last King have been less than kind to the films in question. Consequently we have to confess, the trailers seem to promise a film centered around adventure and fun. Surely Warner Bros have learnt from previous mis-steps, could Aquaman be the DC film to set things straight?

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