Episode 098 – No Vault of Mine

No vault of mine, well maybe Bethesda’s. It’s the all Fallout episode where we review the recent “Fallout76” and take a look back at the series as a whole. From Isometric beginnings to first-person failures, it’s a trip through the wasteland. So strap on your power armour and leave your morality in the ’50s, it’s our most post-apocalyptic episode yet.

Bethesda, Bethesda never changes.

Right away we review the brand new ‘Fallout76″ an open-world multiplayer RPG set in a post-nuclear future. There has been a lot of negativity towards the game since it’s announcement back at E3. A very vocal majority railed against the inclusion of multiplayer in place of dynamic storytelling which the series is renowned. But despite the apparent cries from the masses, Bethesda still pushed forward with the release. And here it is, and we at the Last King have a lot of things we want to discuss and many reasons to complain. Was the premature hate warranted or if it’s a warning of things to come with the series?

No vault of mine

And winding down we use the opportunity to see where “Fallout76” stacks up against the rest of the franchise. We go back as far as the original game released in 1997. And also talk about the changing of hands between developers and publishers. The games underwent several changes, but a lot of the original themes and humour got lost in translation through the various iterations. Fallout 3 took a step in the right direction updating to the FPS style for contemporary gaming audiences. Meaning that the developers at Bethesda studios when they took over the reins, basically reskinned an Elder Scrolls game.

Intro Theme: Second Strike by Potato Tan

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