Episode 095 – Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 is upon us, and we have two bloodsoaked films to satiate your bloodlust. This episode we go full Nicholas Cage with the surreal “Mandy” from director Panos Cosmatos. And in our feature segment, we return to Haddonfield, Illinois. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her iconic role of Laurie Strode who must do battle against the serial killer, Micheal Myers.

Oh, Mandy

The last time we did an all  Halloween themed episode was way back in season 1. We intend to make this a yearly tradition and what better way than to start with our review of “Mandy”. Director Panos Cosmatos delivers a beautiful and bloody revenge film soaked with stunning visuals and a killer soundtrack. Nicholas Cage plays Red Miller, who hunts down a religious cult after murdering his girlfriend. It’s a surreal journey filled with mutant bikers and caged tigers, and that’s all we can say without spoiling anything else. Tune in now to find out why it’s one of our picks for the best films of the year.

Halloween 2018

And in our premier segment, we review “Halloween (2018)”, the latest entry in the franchise that does away with all the other sequels. In what is a rethinking of continuity, the story follows events that take place 40 years after the original film. This time Micheal Myers escapes from captivity, returning to Haddonfield to wreak havoc on the neighbourhood. Laurie Strode (Curtis) has spent her life preparing for if he ever comes back. The stakes rise when her family also falls under threat by the masked maniac as well. It’s a race against time to end the murderous rampage before it’s too late. The original film started the slasher genre and is among one of the best horror films ever. So will this new film fare against the original, or should it be shelved with the other sequels?

Intro Theme: Second Strike by Potato Tan

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