Episode 083 – Incredible E3

It’s incredible that it took about fourteen years for us to finally get a sequel but it’s finally here superhero landing in cinemas. But before we that we have some more E3 talk and also we review the adorable Agguretsuko on Netflix.

Electronics Entertainment for Everyone

Before we begin, let’s wrap up our coverage of the E3 event. Where we share our thoughts on all the announcements and reveals. There were some disappointments but there were some genuine moments of excitement from us here at the last king.

Death Metal Panda

“Aggretsuko” follows the tail of a red panda struggling against the daily grind of her office job. Stressed and surrounded by annoying co-workers and even more annoying management. What’s a girl to do but unleash her pent-up rage by singing death metal karaoke! The first season is up on Netflix and we all highly recommend you catch it now!

Aggretsuko | Sanrio Anime | Netflix

Incredible family fun for all

Brad Bird returns to write and direct the sequel to his smash hit from 2004. it’s been a long wait but things pick up immediately after the first film. Now the fantastic family now have to fend off a new villain, The Underminer.

Reprising their roles are Craig T Nelson and Holly Hunter as Mr and Mrs Incredible. And also returning is Sarah Vowell as Violet and Samuel L Jackson as Frozone. Expectations are high, especially with regards to the first film’s critical acclaim. So will “Incredibles 2” raise the bar? Or is it a case of 14 years too late?

Incredibles 2 Official Trailer

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