Episode 4 – Worst Joker Ever

In our fourth episode we ramble about the “Suicide Squad” and possibly the worst joker ever! And as usual..


We analyse its various logic problems, gaping plot holes, our thoughts on the cast (mostly about the leads) and occasionally slip in what we found to be the more positive elements in the movie. Of which there are a few.Read More

Episode 3 (Side B) – Into Darkness was Better

“Into Darkness” was better there one of us said it! But blanket statements aside we review “Star Trek: Beyond”, the latest installment in the Star Trek reboot series. Moving ahead without JJ Abrams, can the film stand on it’s own without his brand name intact? Or will Justin Lin pilot the enterprise into oblivion? Find out and tune in to SIDE B of our first and maybe last double sided podcast episode…oh and as usual…


Episode 3 (Side A) – Busting Makes Me Feel Good

Busting makes me feel good ♩ ♫. An episode so big we had to split this into two parts, and as usual…


In Side A, we finish from our last episode with our finalized review for the “The Killing Joke”. Then we go off on our thoughts about the new Paul Feig helmed “Ghostbusters” flick. And also ramble at length about the legacy of the franchise spanning the first two films, animated shows and the videogames.Read More

Episode 2 – The Year we Shit on Batman

The year we shit on Batman and also… WARNING SPOILERS APLENTY!!! Honestly things aren’t looking good for the caped crusader in our second official episode. We detour from the usual videogames talk and ramble about the  recently released “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition “. Plus other offerings in the DC animated universe, especially the hotly anticipated “Batman – The Killing Joke”Read More

Episode 1 – Fighting Games to play besides Streetfighter

In our very first actual official episode we ramble on about stuff at San Diego Comic-Con, the results of the recent EVO tournament and introducing our first list segment “Fighting Games to play besides Street Fighter”. Read More