Episode 028 – OSCAR Travesties … And the loser is

And capping off the Oscar talk for 2017, the boys go back through the years and talk about the snubs, the travesties and the films that didn’t even deserve to be given the title of “Best Picture”. From as far back as Annie Hall beating Star Wars to how the whole award system itself is basically a popularity contest among industry heads. Also some videogame first impressions with the latest from Team Ninja’s recent effort Nioh.

Episode 027 – Oscars 2017 And The Winner Is…

Note: This episode was recorded about 2 weeks before the Awards ceremony.

The guys are back this time they wax lyrical about all (almost) the Best Picture Nominees for the 2017 Academy awards. Who should win and who didn’t even deserve to be nominated? Find out in a special Oscar 2017 themed episode. Oh and we talk Voltron Season 2 and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Episode 026 – The Old Switcheroo

Because we can’t get enough of video games, let’s talk about them more. In this episode, Mr Toffee and Darth Shafique examine the PS4 exclusive Gravity Rush 2 and Mr Toffee finally finishes the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV. Oh, and there’s some Nintendo Switch and Oscars talk too in-between.

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Love Fighting Games & Dark Souls? Then Check Out For Honor

As someone who appreciates Dark Souls methodical approach to combat and Street Fighter V’s love for footsies and zoning, I dig Ubisoft’s latest title For Honor. For those not in the know, For Honor is an action multiplayer title where knights, vikings, and samurais fight each other in some alternate earth where this sort of thing happens.

It’s enough to give most history buffs a boner, at least those who are fans of medieval and ancient weaponry and chivalry battle-type stuff.

Lots of people say that its single-player campaign is just an extended tutorial for the multiplayer. That’s kinda true, though Ubisoft took great pains to make us give a damn about daimyos, pillaging vikings, and wardens questioning their morals. Point is, multiplayer kicks lots of ass, and will appeal to a LOT of fighting game guys and gals.

My reasons are twofold.

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The Top 20 Grapples In Gaming History

Do you love to thrown people down from the sky to the ground? Do you relish in picking up fools and tossing them down and let gravity sort out their bones and skulls?

If you answered “no” to both questions, what’s wrong with you?

Fine, there are safer ways to dispose of the competition: fireballs, guns, the occasional bowling ball. But there’s a lot more reward in blazing through the opposition, scooping them up, and then tossing them down in style and with full force like the ragdolls they are.

In our very first Last King Decree feature -where we royally state cool awesome things which are totally facts – we present thee with THE definitive top 20 grapples and throw moves in video game history.

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Episode 025 – Going Platinum

Sentai heroes fighting monsters in a movie universe! A divine dog with a paintbrush that draws bombs! A stripper/librarian who summons Monty Python style demon fists using her hair! This can only mean one thing: Mr Toffee and Shafique are serving up some “Platinum Games” love (as well as Studio Clover) in this hardcore game-centric episode!

Episode 024 – No More Mister Nice Guys

Almost done looking back at 2016. Mr Toffee and Shafique dive back into the suck and recap the Worst Games & Films of last year, as well as play catch up to some 2016 things they like but couldn’t bring up in time. Plus shout outs to the local Esports team TeamFlash.

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Episode 023 – In Loving Memory

In this slightly more personal episode, the guys reflect on the passing of those we celebrate in 2016. From the loss of our favourite princess to other royalties such as Prince and the Thin White Duke. We try to keep things light-hearted and avoid dwelling too much, instead recalling all the magical moments and memories that we hold dear. And paying tribute to those who left an indelible mark on us and pop culture forever.

Episode 022 – And We’re Baaaaccckkk!

Back after a most deserved hiatus Mr Toffee and Shafique are back again to resume their quest to comment and critique all things pop culture. So Yeah maybe a little late to the party but the boys are playing catch up. Chiming in on Rogue One before finishing off with some Ubisoft love mainly Watch Dogs 2 and the Assassins Creed flick.