Episode 62 – A Very Last King Xmas

The Last King Xmas has descended upon us, well maybe what’s left of the holiday season that is. And in our final episode of the year, we look back at the very year. We go outside the usual video games, movies and television, and bring up things we don’t usually get to mention.

Bummer alert!

Xmas is over and the new year is on the horizon, so before we start 2018 in typical fashion. We need to have one last look back at the year that was 2017. In the opening segment, we sit by the fire and talk about the worse of last year, or what we think are low points. Covering the passing of the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time, Angus Young. Also, our very own Englishman rages out over Brexit, in a way reminding us again how much it sucks for everyone.

Then we also bow down in terror at the potential monopoly Disney is becoming with the impending buyout of 20th Century Fox’s film library. Then neatly wrap it all with a pretty bow, talking the end of net neutrality and the final struggle against the idiocy of repealing it.

Last King Xmas

And in our closing segment, we mention all our best moments of the year. From the tense grand finals of this years EVO fighting games championship to Eccentric Tom’s newly acquired gaming laptop. But more importantly here’s to all our fans and friends for sticking with us another year, and making it all worth it again. Wishing everyone happy holidays and a happy new year.

P.S; We’ll be on a short hiatus for a short period and will be right back again to continue the rest of season 3 in mid-January 2018.

So that is the episode, thanks for tuning in and if you want to keep up with more Last King goodness subscribe to our show on iTunes and Soundcloud. Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Tell us what you think and what you want to hear on the show!

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