Here Are My 8 Favourite Spider Suits From That New Insomniac PS4 Spider-Man Game

I managed to play a lot of Marvel’s Spider-Man over the past few days. Long story short: you Spider-Man fans are going to enjoy it. But instead of doing a conventional review (because everyone’s giving in 8s and 9s), how about I bring up my 8 favourite Spider Suits -in no particular order- in the game that you can unlock?

Why 8? Because spiders have 8 legs. Sounds rad? Let’s web swing!

Disclaimer: this post is spoiler-free. Unless you think Spider Suits are spoiler material, then I can’t help you out. 

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101510
Classic Suit (Repaired)

#1. Classic Suit

Nothing beats the original Steve Ditko design. Nothing.

Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x2, Crime Token x2
Unlocked Power: Web Blossom. This makes Spider-Man leap into the air and web everything in sight.

#2.Scarlet Spider Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101527
Scarlet Spider Suit

The nostalgia 90s factor help elevates the suit. We’ll miss you, Ben Reilly and all your other clones and Spider-wannabes.

Unlock requirements: Crime Token x3, Landmark Token x2
Unlocked power: Holo Decoy. Experimental AR tech spawns multiple Holo Decoys that stun attacking enemies before decaying. Because Clone Wars.

#3. Spider Armor – MK II Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101536
Spider Armor MK II

There’s something funky about this black/gold ensemble combo that makes you want to get lucky. I approve!

Unlock requirements: Base Token x1, Landmark Token x1, Research Token x2
Unlocked power: Calls two awesome French DJs to party Bullet Proof; this makes you temporarily bullet-proof against all enemies.

#4. Negative Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101602
Negative Suit

Sometimes the simplest designs with a yin-yang motif can make the Spider-Man more, well, “Spider-Man”. There’s a spooky and mysterious vibe going on with this suit that I dig here. It also shimmers like a dream.

Unlock requirements: Base Token x1, Landmark Tokens x2, Research Tokens x1
Unlocked power: Negative Shockwave. This synchronizes nano-mesh particles to unleash a wave of negative energy.

#5. Spider-Punk

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101621

Less “The Misfits” and more “Green Day”; really great ensemble but not as legendary & influential. It’s still pretty fun to see Peter Parker swing around in this getup while having “Welcome to Paradise” blasting from your PS4 Spotify app.

Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x2, Crime Token x3, Landmark Token x2
Unlocked power: Rock Out. Blasts enemies with waves of righteous sound.

#6. Spider-Man 2009 Black Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101851
Spider-Man 2009 Black Suit

This one’s a 90s futuristic-esque classic that won’t run out of steam anytime soon. What felt over-the-top then is actually pretty cool & stylized now. It’s got to be those protruding blades on his arm. All that’s missing is the web cape.

Unlock requirements: Base Token x2, Crime Token x4, Research Token x4
Unlocked power: Low Gravity. Decrease gravity while in the air. It’s as OP as it sounds.

#7. Iron Spider Suit (from Avengers: Infinity War)

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101910
Infinity War Stark Iron Spider Suit

This suit revamp is one for the ages because of the spindly arm leg thingies and its gloss. The logo design and red colour layout are also well-coordinated.

Too bad it doesn’t repel cosmic-level finger snap effects.

Unlock requirements: Base Token x3, Challenge Token x3, Crime Token x4
Unlocked power: Iron Arms. Wreak havoc with four articulated arms made from rapidly grown alloys. You get to auto-attack and crowd control like mad.

#8. Vintage Comic Book Suit

Marvel's Spider-Man_20180905101954
Vintage Comic Book Suit

It’s the classic suit now with cel-shading. Your mileage of the animation technique may vary. Me? I just like how this awkwardly stands out in Insomniac’s Spider-verse.

Unlock requirements: Backpack Token x4, Challenge Token x4, Crime Token x4
Unlocked power: Quips. Insult your enemy’s pride.

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