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About The Last King

About time! Welcome to the Last King Podcast.

About Asia’s premiere pop culture podcast.

Covering just about everything from videogames, movies, television and all thing’s geek. Join our hosts, Mr. Toffee, EccentricTom and Shafique as they traverse the pop culture landscape. Their alcohol soaked journey is entering it’s third season. So tune in and listen to them trying their best to keep their sanity and livers intact. New Episodes available every week (usually). And don’t forget to follow the show on soundcloud and iTunes, or check back here for all the latest news and abuse.

About the Team

Mr Toffee

A known connoisseur of video games and pop culture entertainment; he worked on editorial content for awesome sites like GameSpot, IGN Asia Pacific, Stuff.TV, GameAxis, Geek Culture, & more. Loves Maggi Goreng, Green Day, & Platinum Games. Fears raccoons & oblivion.

Dr Shafique

About as much as a doctor as Dr Dre or Dr Who, Shafique had the misfortune of discovering his unusual mutant power for arguing with anyone about anything for any length of time. No mean feat but that only confirms his intent is true and his passion for pop culture sincere. His other claim to fame is that he achieved the Eternal Legend rank for Ninja Gaiden Black on the original X-box Live.

Eccentric Tom

Half Belgian, half English but all nerd. Tom made the mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, when he accidentally locked himself into the Last King studios one night. Then waking up the next day with a Co-host title and a mixer board in his lap. Tom engineers all the episodes so if there is any complaints about audio quality please forward all feedback to his twitter account.