Episode 57 – Justice League Assembly Required

Justice League Assemble! Okay so maybe that’s not the exact call to action, but speaking of action! It’s us, your friends at the Last King Podcast. And with the release of DC’s Justice League comes an all-new DCEU themed episode for you! We recap all the films since Man of Steel up to Wonder Woman. Before finally giving our roundtable review of the latest entry in the extended universe. Tune in and see where the new movie stacks up against the plethora of superhero films saturating the pop culture landscape.

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Episode 2 – The Year we Shit on Batman

The year we shit on Batman and also WARNING SPOILERS APLENTY!!! Honestly, things aren’t looking good for the caped crusader in our second official episode. We detour from the usual videogames talk and ramble about the recently released Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. Plus other offerings in the DC animated universe, especially the hotly anticipated Batman – The Killing Joke.Read More