Episode 41 – Getting High On E3

It’s an extra special E3 extravaganza episode, where we pay tribute to the greatest hobby of all time. Videogames baby! We go through all the press coverage and give our thoughts on all the announcements and release dates.

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Episode 33 – Get Tha Funk Down

Yo Last King nation! What it is! What it do! It’s yo dawgs back with another funky fresh episode. You know what I’m sayin. This week M.C Toffee gives some mad love to the “Persona 5” vidjagame that dropped on the Playstation 4. And in a very special main segment we big up the second season of “The Get Down” available now on netflizzle. Tho yo Hands in the Air! And wave em like you just don’t care. #wordtoyourmother

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Episode 029 – Old Man Jackman

In this episode we welcome the debut and introduce our newest co-host @eccentrictom. Before business as usual, where we ramble on the recently released videogame “Nier: Automata” on PS4 . And in our main segment, we hold back the feels as we share our thoughts on Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of “Wolverine” in “Logan”.

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Episode 026 – The Old Switcheroo

Because we can’t get enough of video games, let’s talk about them more. In this episode, Mr Toffee and Darth Shafique examine the PS4 exclusive Gravity Rush 2 and Mr Toffee finally finishes the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV. Oh, and there’s some Nintendo Switch and Oscars talk too in-between.

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Episode 20 – Fantastic Beast Mode

Dr. Shafique and Mr Toffee unleash their inner animal and tear down the new pre-Harry Potter film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them while also bringing up Sony’s latest PS4 title The Last Guardian. Oh, and there’s some stuff about the PlayStation Experience event featuring some Marvel-ous news.

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Episode 7 – Epic Giant Lizard Battle

It’s a monster mash as we discuss which of these giant lizard films is worth watching: “Pete’s Dragon” or “Shin Godzilla”.

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Episode 6 – The One True King

In this episode we return to our love of fighting games and ramble about the “The King of Fighters 14” for the Playstation 4. We discuss it’s tight gameplay mechanics, the giant roster and also about the general opinions on whether graphics matter. Are YOU OKAY!

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