Batman Ninja – 2018 movie review

“Batman Ninja” is now available today in digital formats! Arriving stealthily under the shadow of the box-office juggernaut “Avengers: Infinity War”. This new animated feature is a wild departure from the usual caped crusader fare. Taking the Dark Knight back in time to feudal Japan, where battles The Joker, as well as other notable villains in the age of the samurai. All the while also looking for a way back home to the present time. This review contains minor spoilers.Read More

Episode 57 – Justice League Assembly Required

Justice League Assemble! Okay so maybe that’s not the exact call to action, but speaking of action! It’s us, your friends at the Last King Podcast. And with the release of DC’s “Justice League” comes an all new DCEU themed episode for you! We recap all the films since “Man of Steel” up to “Wonder Woman“. Before finally giving our round table review of the latest entry in the extended universe. Tune in and see where the new movie stacks up against the plethora of super hero team up flicks saturating the pop culture landscape.

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Episode 40 – Mummy Issues

Mummy issues? In this monster packed episode we give our thoughts on two new flicks. First is the finally available in our region “Colossal”. Where Anne Hathaway stomps through the streets of Korea. Is this the Comedy/Kaiju (kaimedy)? Then we unwrap the latest attempt with a Universal monster movie… erm…universe. Tom Cruise tries to reinvigorate another franchise with “The Mummy”. Does he have the star power to launch a universe or should we finally bury the idea for a DUCU to rest?

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Episode 6 – The One True King

All hail the one true king! In our 6th episode we return to our love of fighting games and ramble about the “The King of Fighters XIV” for the Playstation 4. The game brings new mechanics, a giant roster and more distinctly a departure from the 2D sprite based animations. We stack it up against the obvious competition, so will this reign as the fighting game of this generation. Plus we review the recently released “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”. And for posterity we have to mention batman, with “Return of the Caped Crusaders”.

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Episode 4 – Worst Joker Ever

In our fourth episode we ramble about the “Suicide Squad” and possibly the worst joker ever! And as usual..


We analyse its various logic problems, gaping plot holes, our thoughts on the cast (mostly about the leads) and occasionally slip in what we found to be the more positive elements in the movie. Of which there are a few.Read More

Episode 3 (Side A) – Busting Makes Me Feel Good

Busting makes me feel good ♩ ♫. An episode so big we had to split this into two parts, and as usual…


In Side A, we finish from our last episode with our finalized review for the “The Killing Joke”. Then we go off on our thoughts about the new Paul Feig helmed “Ghostbusters” flick. And also ramble at length about the legacy of the franchise spanning the first two films, animated shows and the videogames.Read More

Episode 2 – The Year we Shit on Batman

The year we shit on Batman and also… WARNING SPOILERS APLENTY!!! Honestly things aren’t looking good for the caped crusader in our second official episode. We detour from the usual videogames talk and ramble about the  recently released “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition “. Plus other offerings in the DC animated universe, especially the hotly anticipated “Batman – The Killing Joke”Read More