Episode 57 – Justice League Assembly Required

Justice League Assemble! Okay so maybe that’s not the exact call to action, but speaking of action! It’s us, your friends at the Last King Podcast. And with the release of DC’s Justice League comes an all-new DCEU themed episode for you! We recap all the films since Man of Steel up to Wonder Woman. Before finally giving our roundtable review of the latest entry in the extended universe. Tune in and see where the new movie stacks up against the plethora of superhero films saturating the pop culture landscape.

Up in the Sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane.

it’s the worst kept secret in the Snyder-verse. We start the discussion with “Man of Steel” the first to kick off the series and see whether the film has begun to maybe sit easily with fans. Then we proceed with the crowd-pleasing and terribly titled Batman V Superman which we reviewed extensively all the way back in Season 1. Plus also a quick return to Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman bringing up again all the hits and misses hopefully for the very last time.

And JUSTICE for all

And in our main segment, we talk the hotly anticipated release of the Justice League. The Zach Snyder/Joss Whedon directed flick finally arrives in theatres, and has already left audiences polarised. With rumours of a troubled production and some pretty expensive cosmetic CGI, does it have what it takes to keep the extended universe …erm…extending? Or is the collective superhero burnout going to finally squash WB from ever trying to step out of the MCU’s shadow?

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Intro Theme: Second Strike by Potato Tan

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