Episode 43 – Worlds of Tomorrow

Good news everybody! Your friends at the Last King Podcast is back with a very special and long overdue all “Futurama” themed episode. In conjunction with the release of “Worlds of Tomorrow ” now available on mobile devices (full disclaimer – not a sponsor). We look back on the legacy of the show and reminisce about all those moments that made the show so great.

Welcome to the Worlds of Tomorrow!

We can’t help but repeat ourselves again, but “Futurama” is one of the greatest animated television shows of all time, that was created by Matt Groenig, that isn’t the “Simpsons”. We reveal our favorite episodes from all seven seasons, the characters that kept us laughing and those special moments that touched us (in more ways than one).

So join us and relive all the “Futurama” we can handle in a single podcast and party again like it’s 1999. Oh and there’s also a special quiz segment of “Star Trek or Futurama”. Will Dr. Shafique maintain the streak? Or will he finally be dethroned as the Last King quiz champion.

Listen in to find out now! #woopwoopwoop

Futurama Season 7 – Fox Home Entertainment

Simpsons X Futurama – Couch Gag

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow – Official Story Trailer

Intro Theme: “Second Strike” by Potato-Tan

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