Episode 42 – Robots in Disgust

Robots in disgust indeed, and you know something evil’s watching over you! It’s a brand new “Transformers” flick from auteur Micheal Bay. We give our thoughts on “The Last Knight” and the downward trajectory of the film franchise. But not before going back in time and reminiscing about the animated series that started it all.

More than meets the eye.

First we look back at the original animated series from the 80’s. We discuss it’s cultural impact, and the influence it had on an entire generation of kids. Frankly just how much everyone’s minds were blown when the show arrived on television sets back in the day.

We also discuss the toy line, our favorite characters and to an extent the Japanese offshoots. And of course we must mention “Transformers – The Movie” which deserves all the love for simply having the greatest soundtrack of all time.

Transformers: Generation 1 – Theme Song

The Transformers: The Movie Official 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Trailer (2016) – Animated Movie

Robots in Disgust

And before diving right into “Transformers- The Last Knight”, we give our thoughts on the series and the director himself. It seemed that Micheal Bay could do no wrong early in his career, especially after directing “The Rock” and “Armageddon”. But now his film legacy seems to be marred by these “Transformers” movies, and the overwhelmingly negative critical response.

Still these films continue to make money which is enough to warrant all these sequels. But is the Last Knight going to be the last in line? Or is this movie franchise going to exist beyond the generation that once loved it so? Tune in now to find out our thoughts, plus a special amazing rant from newest co-host Eccentric Tom.

Intro Theme: “Second Strike” by Potato-Tan

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