Episode 35 – In a Galaxy Not So Far Away

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded live during a thunderstorm from the carpark of the cinema so apologies for the sound quality.

This week the trio review Marvel’s latest entry to the MCU with a slightly spoilerific ramble of “Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2”. Does it suffer from the sophomore curse or can James Gunn shoot for the stars? And seeing as how nobody cared til they made it, the guys also pitch their own ideas for potential blockbuster movies from lesser known franchises.

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Episode 34 – F8 worse than Death

Gentlemen start your engines. In this revved up episode the boys get supercharged and deliver the usual high octane podcast goodness with a full review on “F8 of the Furious”. We also pitch it’s potential sequel in a special segment we call “And Then…” plus gear up for our opening ramble on the last Nintendo Direct Event. It’s gonna be a helluva ride.

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Episode 33 – Get Tha Funk Down

Yo Last King nation! What it is! What it do! It’s yo dawgs back with another funky fresh episode. You know what I’m sayin. This week M.C Toffee gives some mad love to the “Persona 5” vidjagame that dropped on the Playstation 4. And in a very special main segment we big up the second season of “The Get Down” available now on netflizzle. Tho yo Hands in the Air! And wave em like you just don’t care. #wordtoyourmother

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Episode 32 – Ghost in the Shitstorm

It’s been a rough week for the trio, As promised Shafique finally reviews Mass Effect Andromeda and Eccentric Tom spits some vitriol on the misguided live action remake of Ghost in The Shell. On the bright side Mr Toffee shares his initial impressions on Persona 5 and lists out his top 5 anime that should never be remade. #leavejapanalone

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Episode 31 – Go Go Gritty Reboot!

Go, go last king podcast! It’s the height of “Power Rangers” fervour, the boys look back and speculate on the legacy, and address the tonal shift from its source material. And before our review of the flick, we play a special round of “Pornstar or Power Ranger”. Also quick first impressions on both the recently released “Mass Effect: Andromeda” and also our thoughts on the “Iron Fist” Show on Netflix.

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Episode 030 – Beauty and Beastiality

Beauty and beastiality for everyone! In this very off-brand episode, we review the recently released remake of “Beauty and the Beast”. Now done as a live-action reworking starring Emma Watson as Belle. Keeping the princess theme going, Shafique also lists out his top 5 Disney Princesses and Eccentric Tom hosts a hilarious game of Murder, F*ck, Kill Disney edition. Where the number one rule is basically #nobeastialityRead More

Episode 029 – Old Man Jackman

Old Man Jackman goes for one last ride In this episode, where we welcome our newest co-host @eccentrictom. Before business as usual, where we ramble on the recently released game “Nier: Automata” on PS4. And in our main segment, we hold back the feels as we share our thoughts on Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of everyone’s favourite x-man Wolverine in “Logan”.

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Episode 028 – OSCAR Travesties … And the loser is

And capping off the Oscar talk for 2017, the boys go back through the years and talk about the snubs, the travesties and the films that didn’t even deserve to be given the title of “Best Picture”. From as far back as Annie Hall beating Star Wars to how the whole award system itself is basically a popularity contest among industry heads. Also some videogame first impressions with the latest from Team Ninja’s recent effort Nioh.

Episode 027 – Oscars 2017 And The Winner Is…

Note: This episode was recorded about 2 weeks before the Awards ceremony.

The guys are back this time they wax lyrical about all (almost) the Best Picture Nominees for the 2017 Academy awards. Who should win and who didn’t even deserve to be nominated? Find out in a special Oscar 2017 themed episode. Oh and we talk Voltron Season 2 and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.