Episode 63 – Black Mirror on the Wall

Black mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best podcast to rule them all? Fresh from a much-deserved break with a brand new episode for a brand new year. We kick off the new year with a quick catch up of what we missed during the holiday season.

His name is Yu

In videogames we bring up Yakuza Zero, the prequel to Japan’s answer to the Grand Theft Auto series. This time the setting is taken all the way back to the 80’s, adding more lore and backstory to the series.

Usually, prequels or “origins” games have been receiving a fair amount of flack, mostly as entries that have run out of ideas moving forward. But the Yakuza series does have a tradition of well, keeping to tradition. So what does this mean for the long-running franchise and the direction it is heading?

Let there be Bright

And In films, we mention the Jumanji reboot, starring the box-office powerhouse duo of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart. Is this another case of digging up the past, to succeed on name recognition? Or could this be the reboot the series needs?

Then we turn our attention to the flick Ghost Story starring Casey Affleck. A very divisive film about a dead man haunting his loved ones as literally a guy in a white sheet with eye holes cut out. And keeping things on the supernatural tip, we throw some shade on the Netflix original Bright. Almost universally panned upon its release we wonder how such thing’s get made let alone warrant a confirmed as of now a sequel.

And speaking of Netflix.

We review the much anticipated fourth season to Black Mirror. And like most of our reviews, there will be spoilers. Charlie Brooker is one of our favourite writers and personalities. And after a stellar third season, we are very much looking forward to where he takes things. But like previous seasons the show, there is the notoriety for stories being inconsistent. Will the fourth season learn from past mistakes and deliver?

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Intro Theme: Second Strike by Potato Tan

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