Episode 61 – Last Jedi Strikes Back

The Last Jedi strikes back, and the force is strong in this one. In an all Star Wars episode (again) join the trio as they review the latest chapter in the beloved saga. And see where their alliances are with probably the most polarising episode since well the Force Awakens.

That’s no moon!

In a special Death Star-sized podcast, the lads give our thoughts on The Last Jedi. Twice in fact! Or more accurately, once as a spoiler-free review then again in our spoiler-heavy ramble style. Does the new movie finally expand the universe, or is it another retread of empire? For the answers and more, listen now!

I have a bad feeling about this…

But first, we have to recap all the previous adventures in a galaxy far away one more time. We ask co-host Eccentric-Tom his thoughts on the saga as a whole, including the stand-alone films like Rogue One.

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Intro Theme: Second Strike by Potato Tan

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