Summer Films: What The Hell’s Next After Marvel’s Megaton Bomb?

So one of the biggest films of 2018 has dropped, and it’s getting a ton of rave reviews. Hell, we’ve even shared our 2 cents about the damn film, spoilers and all. Go listen to it now; we’ll wait…

So what now, movie-watching fans?

Glad you asked because there’s quite a number of films that cater to our sci-fi/fantasy/pop culture-loving taste buds. Here is my personal list of 2018 films that piqued my interest, from next month until August. Do let us know which ones you’re looking forward to on our Facebook page.

Disclaimer: film release dates are tentative.

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Last King Decree: Best 10 Videogames Of 2017

Last King Decree - Best 10 Videogames 2017

it’s our 10 best videogames of 2017! And yes, we know we’re entering February 2018, but we had get this list right. Welcome to part one of our look back on all things 2017, the videogames edition. We fought it out and feelings were hurt, but we have our ten essential must own videogames of 2017. So without further ado…


Halo Wars 2’s Blitz Mode Needs Community Love

So we’re knee-deep in the real-time strategy title Halo Wars 2, one of the many Xbox One offerings of 2017. Based on the 8 hours we’ve played so far (and we are far from done with the game – stay tuned for the podcast where we talk about that), it’s shaping up… alright.

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Love Fighting Games & Dark Souls? Then Check Out For Honor

As someone who appreciates Dark Souls methodical approach to combat and Street Fighter V’s love for footsies and zoning, I dig Ubisoft’s latest title For Honor. For those not in the know, For Honor is an action multiplayer title where knights, vikings, and samurais fight each other in some alternate earth where this sort of thing happens.

It’s enough to give most history buffs a boner, at least those who are fans of medieval and ancient weaponry and chivalry battle-type stuff.

Lots of people say that its single-player campaign is just an extended tutorial for the multiplayer. That’s kinda true, though Ubisoft took great pains to make us give a damn about daimyos, pillaging vikings, and wardens questioning their morals. Point is, multiplayer kicks lots of ass, and will appeal to a LOT of fighting game guys and gals.

My reasons are twofold.

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The Top 20 Grapples In Gaming History

Do you love to thrown people down from the sky to the ground? Do you relish in picking up fools and tossing them down and let gravity sort out their bones and skulls?

If you answered “no” to both questions, what’s wrong with you?

Fine, there are safer ways to dispose of the competition: fireballs, guns, the occasional bowling ball. But there’s a lot more reward in blazing through the opposition, scooping them up, and then tossing them down in style and with full force like the ragdolls they are.

In our very first Last King Decree feature -where we royally state cool awesome things which are totally facts – we present thee with THE definitive top 20 grapples and throw moves in video game history.

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