Episode 37 – Alien Convoluted

Hello my baby. Hello my franchise. Hello Mister Ridley Scott. Get in your powerloaders and join the guys as they get back on the Sulaco and retrace their experiences with the entire alien franchise. From the 1979 classic until now and also for the sake of posterity skip the awful AVP duology, And in our main segment we dissect the latest entry to the franchise with a full review of “Alien Covenant”. And discuss whether we should nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Episode 36 – Trailer Trash

Gearing up for the inevitable tsunami of new games, television and movie releases for 2017. The boys jump on the hype train and discuss the upcoming onslaught of things to come. We also take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about trailers that we actually enjoyed.

Episode 35 – In a Galaxy Not So Far Away

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded live during a thunderstorm from the carpark of the cinema so apologies for the sound quality.

This week the trio review Marvel’s latest entry to the MCU with a slightly spoilerific ramble of “Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2”. Does it suffer from the sophomore curse or can James Gunn shoot for the stars? And seeing as how nobody cared til they made it, the guys also pitch their own ideas for potential blockbuster movies from lesser known franchises.

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