Episode 030 – Beauty and Beastiality

Beauty and beastiality for everyone! In this very off-brand episode, we review the recently released remake of “Beauty and the Beast”. Now done as a live-action reworking starring Emma Watson as Belle. Keeping the princess theme going, Shafique also lists out his top 5 Disney Princesses and Eccentric Tom hosts a hilarious game of Murder, F*ck, Kill Disney edition. Where the number one rule is basically #nobeastiality Continue reading “Episode 030 – Beauty and Beastiality”

Episode 029 – Old Man Jackman

In this episode we welcome the debut and introduce our newest co-host @eccentrictom. Before business as usual, where we ramble on the recently released videogame “Nier: Automata” on PS4 . And in our main segment, we hold back the feels as we share our thoughts on Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of “Wolverine” in “Logan”.

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Episode 028 – OSCAR Travesties … And the loser is

And capping off the Oscar talk for 2017, the boys go back through the years and talk about the snubs, the travesties and the films that didn’t even deserve to be given the title of “Best Picture”. From as far back as Annie Hall beating Star Wars to how the whole award system itself is basically a popularity contest among industry heads. Also some videogame first impressions with the latest from Team Ninja’s recent effort Nioh.

Halo Wars 2’s Blitz Mode Needs Community Love

So we’re knee-deep in the real-time strategy title Halo Wars 2, one of the many Xbox One offerings of 2017. Based on the 8 hours we’ve played so far (and we are far from done with the game – stay tuned for the podcast where we talk about that), it’s shaping up… alright.

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Episode 027 – Oscars 2017 And The Winner Is…

Note: This episode was recorded about 2 weeks before the Awards ceremony.

The guys are back this time they wax lyrical about all (almost) the Best Picture Nominees for the 2017 Academy awards. Who should win and who didn’t even deserve to be nominated? Find out in a special Oscar 2017 themed episode. Oh and we talk Voltron Season 2 and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.