Episode 5 – Metal Gear Suckage #FUCKonami

In our fifth most drunken episode (a.k.a EPISODE V) we kick off with a review of “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” and a slight warning…

MINOR SPOILERS? Continue reading “Episode 5 – Metal Gear Suckage #FUCKonami”

Episode 4 – Worst Joker Ever

In our fourth episode we ramble about the Suicide Squad flick and as usual..


We analyse its various logic problems, gaping plot holes, our thoughts on the cast (mostly about the leads) and occasionally slip in what we found to be the more positive elements in the movie. Of which there are a few. Continue reading “Episode 4 – Worst Joker Ever”

Episode 3 (Side A) – Busting Makes Me Feel Good

An episode so big we had to split this into two parts, and as usual…


In Side A we review the rest of “The Killing Joke” before we go off on our thoughts about the new Paul Feig helmed “Ghostbusters” flick. We also ramble about the legacy of the franchise spanning the films, animated shows and the videogames. Continue reading “Episode 3 (Side A) – Busting Makes Me Feel Good”